White Sands Beach Travel Guide Koh Chang

White Sand Beach is the most northern of the long sandy beaches that stretch down much of Koh Chang’s west coast. You get a marvellous aerial view of the beach as you descend the steep hill when driving down from the ferry piers. White Sands was the first beach on Koh Chang to experience tourist development, and consequently has the highest concentration of hotels, restaurants, shops and other such facilities on the island. But this certainly doesn’t mean that the beach is overdeveloped.

The beach itself is a strip of sand around three kilometres long. The far north is more quiet and secluded and lies beyond a large rock upon which lies Rock Sand Resort. Around here is where the beaches’ few remaining backpacker-style bungalows can be found. Heading south there is a steady stream of hotels and bungalows that offer accommodation ranging from mid-range to top end.

White Sands Beach has a wide choice of hotels from plush resorts to a few remaining backpacker bungalows, with good value available after weekending Bangkokians leave.
Restaurants & Bars 
There are plenty of fantastic restaurants on White Sands beach with many different cuisines represented here. And after dark there are lots of bars and discos to keep revellers happy.

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White Sands Beach Guide - Koh Chang's Best Hospitality

Thankfully Koh Chang has regulations that prevent the construction of high rise hotel blocks so the biggest resorts on White Sand Beach are all four storeys or lower. Because of this, the bay retains all of its atmosphere and natural beauty.

There is little development heading inland from White Sand Beach simply because imposing mountains begin to rise up just behind the sand. All the beach development is hence strung out along the beach and the road immediately behind it.

Farther south the White Sands village has spread out beyond the end of the beach, around a bend in the road and up the following hill. There is some good value accommodation to be found around here and also up a couple of little side roads that head inland from the main road, the disadvantage of course being that you aren’t on the beach.

There is plenty of decent and good-value accommodation in White Sands beach as well as eating and drinking options. As Koh Chang’s main tourist hub, those looking for shopping, amenities and tourist services should start here for the best choice on the island.


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