Flight Timetables to Trat For Koh Chang

KC49Due to Koh Chang’s mountainous terrain, and also to the fact that much of the land is in the hands of Thailand’s National Park, there is no airport on the island itself.

Instead, nearby Trat Airport, which is located just 17kms from the Koh Chang ferry, is the terminal used by those wanting flights to Koh Chang.

This airport is owned, like Koh Samui’s airport, by Bangkok Airways. They are the only airline that operates flights here, and the monopoly keeps prices high. If you are travelling down to the island from Bangkok then you can take one of the flights to Trat from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. There are two or three Koh Chang flights a day, depending on the season, and three from Phuket (via Bangkok). Prices are around 2-3,000 Baht from Bangkok.

The service is operated using ATR-72 aircraft of French manufacture. These are sturdy twin-prop aircraft that seat 72 passengers. The distance travelled is only around 350kms and therefore the flight arrives in a super-fast 50 minutes. As you fly it seems that almost as soon as the ascent from Bangkok is complete then the descent back down to the airstrip at Trat begins.

You can tell that these planes are intended mainly to fly people to holiday destinations such as Koh Chang because they all feature paintings of beach scenes in bright colours. You might fly on the plane that is covered with tropical fish, or perhaps on the one that has palm trees, blue seas and yellow sand painted down its side. It all serves to help to set the scene for a flight to your holiday destination of Koh Chang.

Schedules of Koh Chang flights often change so the best way to get information is to visit the Bangkok Airways website or call (or visit) them at their Koh Chang Office.

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Trat Flight Timetables

BANGKOK AIRWAYSKoh Chang – Tel: +66 39 551 654-5, +66 39 525 767-8 / Bangkok – Call Center: 1771

Trat Airport (TDX) – Bangkok (BKK)
Flights Depart Avvive Day
PG302 10:10 11:10 Daily
PG306 13:10 14:10 Daily
PG308 18:30 19:30 Daily
Bangkok (BKK) – Trat Airport (TDX)
Flight Depart Arrive Day
PG301 08:30 09:30 Daily
PG305 11:40 12:40 Daily
PG307 17:00 18:00 Daily


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