Koh Chang Ferry Timetables Guide


Koh Chang is linked to the mainland of Trat province by two car ferry companies. One is called ‘Koh Chang Ferry’ and the other is ‘Ferry Koh Chang’. This can be a trifle confusing to say the least. A better way to distinguish between the two is with their departure and arrival points. Ferry Koh Chang leaves the mainland from a jetty at Ao Thammachat and arrives on Koh Chang at a pier called Ao Sapparot.

Koh Chang Ferry leaves the mainland from Centrepoint Pier and arrives on Koh Chang at Dan Khao, a couple of kilometres to the south of Ao Sapparot. If you’re still unsure then check the mountain above the ferry as you arrive at the island. If you see “WELCOME TO KOH CHANG” in large Hollywood-esque lettering then you have arrived at Ao Sapparot, if you don’t then you’re at Dan Khao.

For convenience locals usually refer to them as the Ao Thammachat and the Centrepoint ferries. The Ao Thammachat Ferry covers a shorter distance of around eight kilometres between Koh Chang and the mainland and is generally the faster of the two, with crossings taking 25-40 minutes.

The Centrepoint ferry generally takes around 50 minutes. Both companies have several large vessels that take around 50 vehicles, hundreds of foot passengers and now and again an elephant or two. Some of these boats once saw service in the harbour of Hong Kong; if you look carefully you can still see the Chinese script on the boats.

Both Koh Chang ferry services operate, at least in theory, to set timetables. In practice these can vary depending upon a whole range of factors such as sea and tide conditions, the number of passengers and random chance. Basically if you arrive at either of the ferries you should never have to wait for more than an hour, and it is almost always less than this.

However, if you need to make a connection on the other side then build an extra hour of waiting time into your travel timetable just to be sure. The one thing that you can depend on is being able to catch the first and last ferries of the day. If you arrive at the ferries before 19:00 either on the island or on the mainland you will make the boat. 

Note also that at extremely busy times like Christmas, New Year and Thailand’s Songkran new year festival the ferries often run until 20:00 or even later. If you are flying into Trat Airport on an afternoon flight and for some reason your flight is delayed then don’t worry, Bangkok Airways have an arrangement with the Ao Thammachat Ferry that ensures that a ferry will be waiting to take you across to the island.

At both ferry piers you will be sold a ferry ticket from a booth where you arrive. It is usually a good idea to buy a return ticket since the one way price is about the same as a return, unless of course you decide to stay on Koh Chang forever. Some transport such as the minibus from Trat Airport includes ferry crossing in the price. In this case you will be whisked past the ticket booths and straight onto the boat.

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Koh Chang Ferry Ticket Prices and Timetables

FERRY KOH CHANG – Tel: +66 39 555 188, +66 39 518 588, +66 39 528 288-9

Ticket Prices
Passengers & Vehicles Price (Baht) *one way*
Adults & Children (over 11 years old) 80
Children 8-10 years old 30
Children 0-7 years old Free
Scooter 40
Big Bike / Large Scooter 80
4-wheel Car 120
NoteNo return tickets are sold, Only one way tickets
Timetables (Ferries depart every 45 mins.)
Mainland Pier (Ao Thammachart) Koh Chang Pier (Ao Sapparot)
06:30-19:00 06:30-19:00

CENTER POINT FERRY – Tel: +66 39 538 196, +66 86 304 2726

Ticket Prices
Passengers & Vehicles Price (Baht) *one way* Price (Baht) *return*
Adults & Older Kids 80 150
Children 7-12 years old 40 70
Children 0-7 years old Free Free
Motorbike 30 50
Big Bike 60 100
4-wheel Car 100 180
Timetables (Ferries depart every hour)
Mainland Pier Koh Chang Pier
06:00-18:00, 19:30 06:00, 07:30-19:30


Boat Services from Koh Chang to Koh Wai, Koh Mak & Koh Kood

BOAT COMPANIES: Bang Bao Boat – Tel: +66 39 558 046, +66 87 054 4300 / Kai Bae Hut Speedboat  Tel: +66 81 817 6832, +66 81 982 9870

Koh Chang – Koh Kood
From By Depart Arrive Price (Baht)
Kai Bae Speedboat 09:00 11:00 900
Bangbao Speedboat 09:30 11:30 900
Bangbao Speedboat 12:00 14:00 900
Koh Kood – Koh Chang
From By Depart Arrive Price (Baht)
Bangbao Speedboat 09:00 11:00 900
Kai Bae Speedboat 11:00 13:00 900
Bangbao Speedboat 12:00 14:00 900
Koh Chang – Koh Mak
From By Depart Arrive Price (Baht)
Bangbao Wooden Boat 09:00 11:00 400
Kai Bae Speedboat 09:00 10:00 600
Bangbao Speedboat 09:30 10:30 600
Bangbao Speedboat 12:00 13:00 600
Koh Mak – Koh Chang
From By Depart Arrive Price (Baht)
Bangbao Speedboat 10:00 11:00 600
Kai Bae Speedboat 11:45 13:00 600
Bangbao Wooden Boat 12:00 14:00 400
Bangbao Speedboat 13:00 14:00 600
Koh Chang – Koh Wai
From By Depart Arrive Price (Baht)
Bangbao Wooden Boat 09:00 10:00 300
Kai Bae Speedboat 09:00 09:30 400
Bangbao Speedboat 09:30 10:00 400
Bangbao Speedboat 12:00 12:30 400
Koh Wai – Koh Chang
From By Depart Arrive Price (Baht)
Bangbao Speedboat 10:30 11:00 400
Kai Bae Speedboat 12:15 13:00 400
Bangbao Wooden Boat 13:00 14:00 300
Bangbao Speedboat 13:30 14:00 400


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