Trat Airport for Koh Chang Guide

KC38Finding your way around Trat Airport is simplicity itself. The terminal is an attractively designed thatched-roof structure that sets the perfect rustic atmosphere for your visit to Koh Chang.

As you arrive you will see that the terminal buildings are set in attractive and meticulously attended gardens.

Perhaps the most notable features are the 20 or so shrubs that have been expertly crafted into the shape of elephants. Since the terminal currently deals with a maximum of four flights a day, arriving, moving on, checking in and departing from Trat Airport is simplicity itself.

On arrival at Trat Airport you will be taken by open-air trolley from the plane to the arrivals area. Here you can await your bags which will almost always arrive just a few minutes later.

If you have arranged a pick-up with a hotel or tour company then they will be waiting to collect you as you leave the arrivals area. If you haven’t then you should purchase a minibus ticket at the counter located on the right side of the arrivals hall. You can also book accommodation here if you require.

The minibuses will take you from the airport onto the Koh Chang Ferry and then proceed onto the island and drop you off at your hotel. Prices vary depending on which beach you are travelling to but expect to pay in the region of 500 baht one way and 800 baht return.

On departure you will be dropped off at the check-in counter in another open air building where you can obtain a boarding pass and dump your luggage. There is an office between the arrival and departures areas and if you need to pick up tickets, make bookings or anything like that then Trat Airport’s helpful staff here will be able to sort it out for you.

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There are a couple of ATMs available to the side of the departure building if you need to obtain cash. Now you have two choices of waiting areas. There is an open air café across a paved area with a large pond in the centre that sells drinks and light snacks. Alternatively, you can sit at tables situated in the delightful atmosphere of Trat Airport’s lush tropical gardens.

Others may choose to you can head straight into the departure lounge. Here you can await your flight enjoying the free drinks and snacks that are available as well as free internet usage.

You should note that whilst Trat Airport seems, and is, a pleasant laidback place, all the standard restrictions on what you can and can’t take on to the plane still apply. You should make the usual checks to ensure that there are no fluids over 100ml, sharp objects or the like in your carry-on bags or they will be taken from you at the security check point as you enter the departure lounge.


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