Koh Chang Transportation

Koh Chang, despite being an island, is very convenient to get to since it is located in eastern Thailand not too far away from the transport hub of Bangkok. The Thai road system, at least on the mainland, is excellent and one of Thailand’s main routes, highway three, threads southeast from Bangkok towards the island.

There are also good roads leading from the Koh Chang ferries to the Cambodian border at Hat Lek at the southeastern tip of Koh Chang’s Trat province. An airport in nearby Trat, meanwhile, handles direct flights from Phuket, Koh Samui and the Thai capital through Bangkok Airways.

More on Koh Chang Transportation

Finding your way around on Koh Chang is simplicity itself. Since there is only one road you only ever really need to figure out whether you need to go right or left. However, it is worth noting that the road doesn’t go all the way around the island so backtracking is often necessary.

There is a stretch of hills separating the end of the road near Bang Bao in the southwest and Salak Phet in the southeast. Speculating on when this loop might be closed is a common topic of Koh Chang conversation. It doesn’t seem like it will happen in the short term though.

The island has public transport in the form of taxis, and in addition you can hire cars, motorbikes and bicycles. But the condition of the island’s road is not very good in some places and there some white knuckle sections of extremely steep and winding hills so you might choose to rely on public transport to make sure that an accident doesn’t ruin your holiday plans. If you do rent a motorbike for getting around Koh Chang then always wear a helmet and refrain from driving after drinking. It is simply not worth the risk at accident statistics are disturbing.

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