Lonely Beach Travel Guide Koh Chang

Lonely beach wasn’t originally called Lonely Beach at all, its Thai name, now largely forgotten, is Hat Ta Nam, translating as the beach with the pier. As the island began to develop the enterprising owner of some beach bungalows re-christened the beach in an attempt to highlight the fact the beach was less developed then its neighbouring beaches to the north. So it is an irony that the beach only became Lonely when more and more people started to arrive there.

These days Lonely Beach is the prime port of call for backpackers visiting Koh Chang. This is reflected in the resorts and bungalows that are available. There are a much higher proportion of budget and mid-range rooms than elsewhere on Koh Chang, although even here there are an increasing number of higher end hotels.

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Although Lonely Beach started life as the backpacker area of the Koh Chang, is has grown decidedly more upmarket over the years with plush resorts cropping up between beach huts.
Restaurants & Bars 
Lonely Beach restaurants mirror the bohemian feel of the bay generally with lots of healthy food including organic vegetarian options on offer as well as shakes, fresh coffee and more.

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Lonely Beach Guide - Backpacker Resort of Koh Chang

Lonely beach itself is a really nice stretch of sand about a kilometre long that fades out into a rocky shore at the southern end where a stream flows through to the sea. The layout of development at Lonely Beach is a little strange in that there are only five or six places to stay on the beach itself and there is little in the way of anything but jungle back behind them.

Instead there is a small village with a large number of resorts, bars and restaurants over the bridge to the south. This quirk of development means that the beach itself remains relatively tranquil whilst the village is full of lively bars offering live music and late, late night parties. Pick the right place to stay and you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The neighbouring beach of Bailan to the south has become a kind of spill-over for visitors to Lonely Beach who find it too busy or that all the rooms are full as can often be the case in the high season. Some people who find the area too hectic now travel all the way to the south-eastern tip of Koh Chang where there are just two beach hut businesses on the truly lonely Long Beach.


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