Koh Chang Beaches Guide

Koh Chang’s four main beaches are White Sand BeachKlong PraoKai Bae and Lonely Beach. These beaches attract the most visitors but they are by no means of the end of the story. Koh Chang has a few other beaches that are well worth a visit if you fancy something a little ‘off the beaten track’.

Chai Chet Beach is not technically a separate beach at all. It is the name that is given to the development at the northern end of Klong Prao’s long stretch of sand. It is worth considering as an individual location though, since there is a gap of a couple of kilometres between here and Klong Prao village proper. It has one of the best stretches of sand anywhere on the island and there are all kinds of places to stay and things to do.

More on Koh Chang’s Less Famous Beaches

Bailan Beach is just south of Lonely Beach and has a long rocky shore and a short stretch of sand. It is a sleepy place with a few bungalow resorts and, strangely, one five-star hotel.

Bang Bao is a picturesque old fishing village on a pier in a large bay on the southwest side of Koh Chang. Whilst originally only a quick stop on a tour of Koh Chang, Bang Bao now has quite a few places to stay both on the pier and the surrounding waterfront.

It also has a very attractive beach called Khong Koi just a kilometre down the road. There are just a few beach bars here and the beach overlooks some of the islands to the south of Koh Chang.

There is also a beach in Klong Son Bay to the north of White Sand Beach. A good way to experience this place is to visit the Siam Royal View to use the beach and enjoy the facilities at The Beach Club.

The east coast of the island has a few smaller beaches, usually with accompanying resorts. Amber Sands, a kilometre or so south of the Koh Chang ferry piers, is a good example. Check out Amber Sands Beach Resort if you fancy staying here or perhaps just for lunch.

Then finally there is Long Beach. This is located in Salak Phet Bay to the far southeast of Koh Chang. To reach it you need to turn off the main road at a place called Salak Khok and drive another ten kilometres on a track of varying quality.

It is worth the effort though since it is a splendid sandy beach that is completely undeveloped except for a couple of backpacker bungalows at its northern end. It is like a trip in time back to the early days of Koh Chang.