Property On Koh Chang And Real Estate


The residential property market on Koh Chang is still in its infancy. Since the island lies within the Koh Chang Marine National Park almost all of the mountain rain forest is under National Park ownership. The Thai Navy also own large tracts of land. This means that altogether around 80 per cent of Koh Chang’s land is under government ownership. But Koh Chang is a very big island and the remaining fifth covers a huge area of land and includes almost all the level around the coast.

Despite coming fairly late to tourism and subsequently to property development, this limited land area means that land and house prices on the island are comparable to Koh Samui, an island with a much longer tourism pedigree.

Another factor that makes Koh Chang a very desirable place to live for both Thais and foreigners is its close proximity to Bangkok. This high demand and limited supply definitely makes Koh Chang a seller’s market.

As with almost anywhere, Koh Chang land prices vary immensely depending upon location. Generally land on the developed west coast is more expensive than that on the quieter east side. Absolute beachfront land rarely comes onto the market, and when it does it is very expensive. There are all kinds of land title in Thailand. Some are extremely secure and some are not at all.

There are also detailed rules on foreign ownership of Thai land and property. It is worth noting that quite a lot of land on Koh Chang is of the less secure Por Bor Tor and Sor Kor land title. A good suggestion is to restrict yourself only to land plots with the far more secure Chanote and Nor Sor Sam Gor land titles.

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It is an even better idea to read up on Thailand’s complicated land title regulations before embarking on a journey into the property market. If you are interested in constructing your own property then small plots of land can be hard to come by. Often land plots are only available in large blocks.

However, smaller plots do occasionally come onto the market, but since there currently aren’t any specialist real estate agencies on the island then the best thing to do is to ask around. If you would prefer to buy a ready built house or condo then there are a few notable developments, although again far fewer than somewhere like Hua Hin.

Of the ten or so developers on the island the best established projects include Siam Royal View, Tranquility Bay, Avatara Residence and Baan Talay Thai – all of whom are developing interesting properties. 

White Sand Publications often have information on the properties and land plots that are currently on the market; you can contact them on. It pays to remember that the best advice you can ever be given when entering the Thailand property market is to get a good lawyer. What might seem like a high fee now can save you a fortune in the long term.


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