Cost of Holidays in Koh Chang

KC35The costs of your stay in Koh Chang are comparable to those that you will experience on other islands in Thailand.

In terms of hotels, you can find accommodation at any budget. If you want a cheap bamboo hut with fan for 200-300 Baht a night, you can certainly find this, particularly in backpacker-friendly Lonely Beach and Bailan Beach.

Basically you get what you pay for in terms of the quality of accommodation, but some places present better value than others, especially away from the beachfront. A selection of the best places to stay on the island at all different price levels are recommended in out bungalows and resorts sections or through our hotel booking partner Agoda.

If your budget extends to upwards of 10,000 Baht (US$330+), you can find five-star luxury places in that price bracket, too. If, like most of us, your requirements fall somewhere between these two extremes, then you can be sure that the island will have something to satisfy your requirements.

Transport around the island can be a little expensive. The island’s white taxis have a monopoly so they can charge what they like. They are, however, in competition with each other to some extant so if you are prepared to haggle – always do so with a smile on your face – you can generally lower the price.

Koh Chang Dining and Nightlife Costs

The restaurants and bars on the island generally present good value and you can eat drink and party on Koh Chang for a lot less than it will cost you, for example, in Europe. You can usually expect to pay more for meals in the bigger four and five-star hotels but a meal in one of these may still represent good value-for-money since you can expect an international chef and high standards of cuisine and service.

Koh Chang also has a huge number and variety of bars and restaurants in the tourist centres and you can enjoy some delicious Thai and International food at very reasonable prices.

Finally, at the bottom of the food chain in price only are the little hole-in-the-wall restaurants. These places are set up basically to cater to locals, and Thai people simply do not put up with bad food. Pick one of the busier ones and you’ll usually be able to enjoy some authentic and excellent Thai food for next to nothing.

In terms of nightlife, Koh Chang doesn’t have much in the way of nightclubs so high club entry fees aren’t really an issue. Most of Koh Chang’s late night haunts are restaurant/bars, beach bars and beer bars. Prices of drinks are usually pretty reasonable with small beers costing between 50 and 100 Baht depending on the establishment.

If you’re in a beer bar with a large number of female staff then you can expect all relevant prices to be similar to somewhere like Pattaya. If you’re at a beach party in Lonely Beach then you’ll be buying drinks at economical backpacker rates.

Note: To find the best rate Hotels in Koh Chang, we recommend you look online at They seem to be the most competitively priced of the hotels sites.

Koh Chang Tours and Activities Costs

Island activities are priced at similar rates to the rest of Thailand and excursions such as boat trips, diving or elephant trekking can present very good value-for-money, particularly given the uniqueness of the experience. The rough going rate for each of the island’s various activities, trips and tours are included on our Koh Chang activities page.

If you visit one of the island’s two main waterfalls, you will be charged a National Park entry fee of 200 Baht. This money goes to the National Parks of Thailand and, therefore, helps fund the upkeep of Thailand’s national heritage, with the only galling thing that foreigners must may much higher rates than Thais.


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