Koh Chang Travel Facts

Koh Chang is an island paradise with gleaming white beaches, fantastic restaurants and an array of fun activities to try. But there are certain travel tips for Koh Chang that visitors should be aware of before to ensure they get the most from their stay in Thailand.

Money, alas, is always a factor for your trip anywhere, but thankfully Thailand is an inexpensive place to visit for virtually all nationalities and keeping costs down in Koh Chang is not terribly difficult. But we’ve listed what you can expect to spend on accommodation, transport, eating and drinking and on the island’s many tours, trips and activities.

More Koh Chang Travel Tips

Health and safety is as important when you are on holiday as it is when you are at home. Often when you visit a new place you are more at risk simply because you aren’t familiar with any risks and dangers that may be waiting for you. But don’t worry, Koh Chang is a safe place to visit and we’ve got all the minor dangers listed for you in this section. Remember that forewarned is forearmed.

Getting the correct visa for your tip to Koh Chang is vital, and there are many different varieties to opt for depending on the length of your stay. So follow our advice to avoid falling foul of the immigration department or wading through reams of bureaucratic red tape.

Ever more Westerns are leaving the rat race behind and taking their holiday lifestyle to the next level. Read an insider’s view of what it is like to take the plunge and call Koh Chang home. It gives you details of the advantages of living on Koh Chang (you know; sun, beaches, that kind of thing) but we also play devil’s advocate and suggest some of the challenges that are waiting for people who decide to permanently relocate to Koh Chang.

Leading on from this we give you an assessment of the Koh Chang property market. This section will help to build a picture of what kinds of land and property are available on Koh Chang and how much you can expect to pay for them.

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